What is Gimagery?

Gimagery is a sole proprietorship that predominantly specialises in exceptional photography products and services. As it is not limited to just photography, the following definition describes the meaning of the brand’s name:

‘The creative use of imagination by innovative scholar Gim Liu to be visually descriptive in many different forms’

The Path Leading to Gimagery

I bought my first DSLR camera in 2009 and ever since that moment, I didn’t stop taking photos. I am always looking at taking the next photo and thinking what to do next. Starting from just a hobby, photography then turned into an obsession followed by a lifestyle.

I have always been interested in exploring new countries and have now been to over 40 so far. I took this interest of being a world explorer and combined it with my love for photography. They both go hand in hand and are an excellent combination because the possibilities to take photos are infinite.

From an academic and occupational perspective, I have studied and worked as a social researcher. Along with being able to enjoy speaking to all different types of people, it has enabled me to have great attention to detail. I have incorporated this skill into my photography to take the most interesting and creative photos possible.

Instagram is the main platform used to display my creative and artistic photography where I have attracted a considerable following. Since joining in 2015, I built up a solid foundation of over 12,000 supporters who appreciate my talent and value my artistic creativity. The support I received there established the importance of putting all of my work under a name which is explained in the forthcoming sections.

Emergence of Name, Logo & Slogan

The realisation of needing to put all of my work under a name resulted in the birth of ‘Gimagery’. I also decided that because I do more than just photography such as videography, rap and literature, it was not just a name but a term; ‘The creative use of imagination by innovative scholar Gim Liu to be visually descriptive in many different forms’. This term enables me to define the broad range of Gimagery.

So, why Gimagery? The name Gimagery was chosen simply because it uses creative and interesting wordplay. It incorporates my name Gim with the word imagery.

Why the snake as a logo? There are three different meaningful reasons for using the snake as the logo. The first reason is simply because the snake can form the shape of the letter G. The second reason is because I was born in the Chinese year of the snake. The third reason is because the idea of putting all of my work under one name and eventually making a website came about in the year of the snake in 2013.

The Gimagery slogan is: ‘Imagine. Explore. Create.’. These three words perfectly encapsulate and accurately describe the brand. Not only does this slogan represent imaginative, exploratory and creative actions of Gimagery, it is also the process of producing unique and interesting work.

  • First you imagine – using one’s imagination to visualise an idea and paint a picture of it in the mind.

  • Next you explore – setting out to search for and discover how to bring the idea to life while also considering the possibilities, options and fine details.

  • Finally you then create – performing the course of action needed in order to cause the idea to come into being as it was imagined.

Philosophy & Motivation

Gimagery perceives photography like art and poetry. Along with capturing moments, photography can and should be used to express yourself. The beauty of photography is that you are restricted only by your own imagination and creativity.

The motivation for Gimagery comes from the desire to create, produce new material, impress and showcase camera skills. But above all, the overarching motivation is the feeling gained when you look at your camera screen after taking an epic photo. You get an immense feeling of satisfaction when you have created something special. 

What’s On Offer

A wide range of products and services are available for every kind of occasion and for all types of people.

As for products, there is an extensive collection of eye-watering photos available to purchase on top quality canvases and posters. In addition, there is an assortment of Gimagery merchandise available from the store. Finally, the book ’A Beginner’s Guide to After Dark Photography with Gimagery’ will soon be available to purchase in the store and on Amazon. It will enlighten the reader to the discipline of long exposure photography in a way that has never been done or published before. It provides in-depth step-by-step guides with interactive running examples on how to take photos that involve light painting words, vehicle light trails, steel wool, outlining and trajectory.

As for services, there is a selection of fruitful packages available for all kinds of occasions which are fully customisable to suit your needs. The four packages available are: (1) PHOTO SHOOT (2) LONG EXPOSURE SESSION (3) PHOTOGRAPHER & GUIDE (4) MUSIC VIDEO.