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A Beginner's Guide to After Dark Photography with Gimagery IS OUT NOW!

Book description

Have you ever seen and wondered how to take epic photos such as those found on the book cover? This publication was created to show you exactly how it is done!

A Beginner’s Guide to After Dark Photography enlightens you to the discipline of long exposure photography in a way that has never been done before. It provides in-depth step-by-step guides with interactive running examples on how to take five different types of long exposure photos. These five photo types are light painting words, vehicle light trails, steel wool, outlining and trajectory.

It is suitable for beginners but also appropriate for photographers of all levels regardless of experience. The principal aim is to stimulate one’s imagination, encourage exploration and inspire creativity. The teaching of these photos is undertaken using a Canon 7D Mark ii DSLR camera. However, the principles to take all photo types are the same and consequently the guide can be followed whilst using any digital camera that allows the ISO, aperture and shutter speed to be manually adjusted.

The six main objectives of the book are; introduce what to expect, provide a firm understanding of the theory and practical side to the entire process, prepare you for all aspects in relation to camera and photography equipment, outline safety measures and precautions, get you to apply all knowledge acquired whilst following individual guides to successfully take the photos and to equip you with knowledge and skills to further explore this discipline.

Everything that is needed to be known and carried out is comprehensively revealed. This includes all elements and aspects before an undertaking, during the course of one and after it. Addressed in its entirety, no detail is left unexplained to ensure a firm understanding is achieved. It begins by teaching all of the relevant aspects needed to be known before going out to take the photos. These aspects are:

  • Giving an in-depth description of the key camera settings needed
  • Explaining how to physically set these camera settings and relevant camera modes
  • Outlining all essential and optional pieces of equipment needed
  • Setting out a comprehensive list of imperative safety measures and precautions

Following this, the entire process of taking the photos is explained. To aid the explanation of an undertaking, the after dark photography formula was designed which outlines it as a four stage process. The formula is straightforward and facilitates creating and capturing the photos. It gives an accurate explanation of what is involved to provide a firm understanding. Serving two purposes, it also forms the structure of the guides and is used to steer you through the numerous steps to each stage throughout the entire process. After explaining all aspects, five individual guides are provided to follow.

By the end of this book you will be left fully equipped with the skills to create unique and captivating photos.

In addition to gaining the ability to take five types of long exposure photos, you will also get the following ten outstanding benefits;

  • Expand your collection of photos or portfolio
  • Develop further as a photographer
  • Gain an in-depth theoretical & practical understanding in photography
  • Acquire the skills to produce other unique & captivating photos
  • Get ideas & tips of how to be creative when moving forward
  • Receive knowledge in all aspects of camera functionality & photography equipment
  • Have the potential to develop your own techniques & methods
  • Pick up a new perspective to photography from the after dark photography formula
  • Obtain the ability to further explore the long exposure photography discipline
  • Attain creative inspiration, exploration encouragement & imagination stimulation

All readers are advised to read the notice of liability/disclaimer and to proceed entirely at their own risk.

About the author

Gimagery is an internationally known, multitalented professional photographer based in the UK. Although his extensive portfolio comprises of hospitality, commercial, travel, landscape and architectural photography, he is a long exposure specialist and has established himself as an expert in his field. As a renowned photographer he has been featured by some of the biggest entities in the photography industry such as Digital Photography Review, Light Stalking,, The Photo Argus, PhotoWhoa and PictureCorrect.

Having attracted a considerable following, he became best known for his artistic creativity by using techniques that result in producing unique images that intrigue and captivate. His supporters have become accustomed to his trademark use of light sources to create the illusion/impression of movement in his photos and bringing static objects to life. He is the pioneer of two long exposure photo types he created which are outlining and trajectory.

In the photography world, Gimagery’s greatest desire and ambition is simply to inspire creativity. This aim is facilitated by enlightening readers of his articles and clientele of his one-to-one experience packages to the discipline of long exposure photography. They receive expert knowledge and are left fully equipped with the skills to create eye-catching images. Taught with the reputable and self-developed after dark photography formula, he ensures an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of the process is acquired. Readers and clients appreciate his comprehensive systematic approach, easy-to-understand writing and teaching style along with the ability to give explanation on complex and often confusing aspects of photography.